The Determined Midwife of Maulabad: Zahida's Story

365 days. A lot can happen in a year, and that is especially true during the first year of a baby's life. These early months mean many firsts: smiles, sounds, steps... but one in ten babies in rural parts of Pakistan won't make it to another important milestone: their first birthday.

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 Without access to clinics or health care professionals, expectant and new parents are often left guessing at what to do during and after pregnancy. Enter Zahida, a midwife who's transforming healthcare in her community, one home visit at a time.

 Through a program supported by Global Affairs Canada, Zahida was able to access the training and resources she needed to become midwife. Today, she provides lifesaving care and advice to families in her village, ensuring mothers have healthy pregnancies and their babies grow and thrive.

As we celebrate World Health Day, we recognize the health leaders changing lives in their communities. By empowering people like Zahida, we're making sure they have the tools to build stronger futures for everyone.